Helpful Links

Helpful Links

Salta Energy is proud to help customers achieve today’s environmental goals by offering a unique combination of carbon risk management leadership and advisory solutions, a comprehensive, nationwide supply of renewable fuel products, strategic partnerships throughout North America, and a deep culture of service to ensure responsive support and continued success for customers. To that end, please see below for helpful information and links.

Regulatory & INformational

ASTM D975-21 : Standard Specification for Diesel Fuel

Biodiesel Codes, Standards, and Safety

EPA: Overview for Renewable Fuel Standard

U.S. Energy Information Administration: Renewable Energy Explained


Tax & Financial

U.S. Energy Information Administration: U.S. Biomass-based Diesel Tax Credit Renewed

U.S. Energy Information Administration: Renewable Energy Requirements and Incentives



California Air Resources Board

It’s what’s on the inside that matters.

Not only should your renewable fuels be clean and tested to meet exacting requirements, they should also be backed by a company that is committed to environmental leadership and stewardship. At Salta Energy, we take sustainability serious.

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